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>Bronislav Vinogrodsky //Russia//

About The Speaker

Bronislav Vinogrodsky //Russia//

One of the most famous Russian Sinologist, interpriter of fundamental Chinese texts, a writer and public figure. Speaks 9 languages, among them - the ancient Chinese. He became widely known as a writer and interpreter. He carried out and published translations of more than 40 ancient Chinese texts: "Book of Changes", "Daodezin", "Chuang Tzu", Confucius "Lun Yu", "Treatise of the Yellow Emperor on the Inner", "Book of Changes", as well as texts on forecasting , calendar, feng shui, martial arts, the art of management and Taoist techniques of healing. Founder of the tea movement in Russia, founder of the Foundation "Institute of Social Technologies", the gallery "Tea-n-art" magazine "China.ru". Chief of "Qigong" magazine. He is an advisor to executives of several large corporations.

Unique author’s courses and trainings were created by Bronislav Vinogrodsky, based on the author’s sacred ancient Chinese authentic texts In collaboration with the Foundation 378. In the process of learning, you will be able to understand the structure of the matrix of world process management and obtain unique knowledge of Taoist practices, which logically explain the relationship of the human body and all its structures with the external space and the impact on all vital systems from the outside.

The structure and start dates of the training will be published on the website of the Foundation 378 soon. The quantitative composition of training is limited. Follow up on the fund’s event announcements.

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Мастер Сэл Рейчел. 26/09/2019 - 15/10/2019. Москва.
Известный американский мистик, писатель и ченнелер, Сэл Рейчел, вновь приезжает в Москву со своими уникальными авторскими тренингами, раскрывающими людям горизонты сознания и человеческих возможностей.